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What is Pilates?

"Pilates, is non-impact exercises designed by Joseph Pilates to develop strength, flexibility, balance and “control."

"Pilates is a system of physical conditioning involving low-impact exercises and stretches designed to strengthen muscles of the torso and often performed with specialized equipment."

Breathing: Pilate’s exercises encourage one to properly coordinate breathing with movement. Controlling the breath with deep exhalations as you perform each exercise which assists to activate muscles and engage the mind to keep you focused.


The use of a Reformer is to allow the body to exercise a full range of motion for arms and legs, while stabilizing the torso to allow for muscle isolation. The reformer not only allows the user to tense and tone muscles, but also stretches the muscles to their full natural extent. This technique builds very toned, but extremely lean body sculpting. There are many benefits to the Pilates Reformer in terms of the flexibility that it encourages. And because the Reformer allows the joints to use their full range of motion without stressing the body, it increases the blood flood to the joint issues and helps to increase the ability of the joint to flex over time. Studies have found using the Pilates Reformer helps to relieve stored tension in the back, shoulders, hips and neck.


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The Reformer uses springs, leverage and body weight to provide resistance that allows you to strengthen, align, and stretch the muscles. Engaging the core to achieve all of these movements helps to improve posture, stabilise and support the spine and pelvis and reduce lower back pain.
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Private sessions can be one-on-one with Bev McKeown, or semi private session can have a maximum of 4 clients to ensure a close monitored environment ensuring a personalised session for the individual.

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