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​We are already creeping our way through the year, its now Easter! This month is a great time for friends and family to enjoy the Easter Break and of course chocolate hahah. But don't let the Easter Break bring out too many bad habits, especially when we all love chocolate. =P

This is why this month we are doing some deals to help our clients stay on top of their game with their fitness routines, and not fall behind from bad habits. This month if you buy a 10 pack of mat classes (either group or private), you will receive your very own "Pilates Comes To You Singlet" from our new sports wear range! And also for those who want to be more intense this month with their fitness/workout routines, you will receive your very own "Pilates Comes To You Sports Jacket", if you purchase a 10 pack of private reformer classes. Before you receive either the singlet or jacket, you must show proof of purchase, by printing out the invoice and hand it into the studio to receive your reward. This month its all about our health and fitness, so we would like to encourage all of our clients to get more involved this month and strive for their goals!

Camden Equitation & Dressage Inc Sponsor 2019 

This year we are proud sponsors of our local dressage and equitation club at Camden!  Camden Equitation & Dressage Inc runs official and non-official dressage competitions, as well as equitation days all year round. This club is made up of a great committee, who are committed and determined to encourage local horse riders to come out and have a go! Bev has personally competed at Camden a few times with her own horses and would like to offer riders with the opportunity to learn how their bodies work while riding and to use their bodies correctly, to better their riding and to become stronger and more stable within their core. Pilates is great for riders as well as it is for anyone wanting to strengthen their bodies, so this year Pilates Comes To You is proud to be one of Camden Equitation & Dressage Inc many sponsors. Pilates Comes To You is offering prizes for the riders at the dressage & equitation competitions that are held this year. The most recent competition at Camden was in early March, and Pilates Comes To You gave the riders a $20 voucher to spend on either classes or products for Pilates Comes To You. This is just the beginning for sponsoring local clubs, and more i am sure will follow.

Pilates Comes To You Members 

Since the opening of our doors in February 2019, we have accumulated 121 members! We can't thank everyone enough for their continuing support and encourage for our business to grow. Pilates Comes To You is continuing to grow quicker than we thought and appreciate all the positive feedback we have been getting from our clients. We wish everyone a wonderful Easter Break and can't wait to see you all in our upcoming classes this month.

Quote of the Month - Strive For Progress Not Perfection

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