Staying Active and Positive During This Isolation                                           Period

  • Staying Active and Positive During This Isolation Period
  • Pilates Comes To You Is Now Online!
  • Pilates Comes To You House Calls

Stuck at home in isolation? Bored out of your mind? Home Schooling kids becoming too much to handle? In this time, we all understand how hard and stressful this current situation is. The important thing is to stay positive throughout this pandemic, eve though it may seem like its not getting any better. Even though we have closed our doors, we still want to promote positivity and creativity when it comes to staying active and healthy. 

This month we encourage our clients to stay active and positive, during this isolation period. You can change up your work space at home if you are working from home now with a bit of decorating. Whether that be putting in a new desk or a new chair, new stationary equipment, or even adding some colour to your study room, like a new painting. Try and change up your daily routine with work, by adding some pliates stretches and/or movements in between your breaks. Going outside for a walk, for a change of scenery can always help to clear and energise the mind. With the kids, adding in exercise and play time outside can help them concentrate later on, with their school work and get their mind off stressful situations. 

Pilates Comes To You Is Now Online! 

Now that our doors are closed due to COVID-19, we have moved onto online classes! Now you can do Pilates from your very own living room! Pilates Comes To You is conducted online classes, you still have to book online via our website as per normal, its just you will receive an email from us with a link to be able to view the class. Once payment is taken and you have booked your spot in the particular class you like, you will receive a link to a LIVE video. This video is LIVE to the time of the particular class and will require you to have a camera available on your device, whether that be on a smart phone, tablet or laptop. The video will also show your self as well as other clients attending the virtual class, and the classes are all recorded to be used again for future reference. if you require any equipment to borrow for the online classes, please contact Bev directly so she can arrange for you. To borrow equipment it is $10.00, but you must look after the equipment until COVID-19 has subsided and we reopen the studio again. We encourage all our clients and new clients to come on board to the online space and enjoy some Pilates from your very own home!

Pilates Comes To You House Calls 

 Pilates Comes To You has moved online now due to COVID-19, but we are still offering House Call Classes. For those that prefer the one on one experience of Pilates, you can contact Bev directly to organise a date and time for her to come out to you if you are local, or for you to come out to Bev's home. The requirements for house calls include; keeping equipment that is borrowed from Pilates Comes To You until COVID-19 subsides, disinfecting yourself before and after the classes, and keeping a safe 1.5m distance from the instructor, as much as you can. If you are interested in the House Call Classes, the cost is $50.00 and will need to be booked with Bev directly. 

Quote of the Month - "Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all the darkness"

by Desmond Tutu

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