Winter Active Wear Competition  

  • ​Winter Active Wear Competition 
  • Pregnant? Just had a baby? No problems! Pilates is here to help!
  • Winter Break for Pilates Comes To You

​We are definitely underway into winter, and to make everyone motivated why not be part of our Winter Active Wear Competition! This month we want to see the best, coolest, brightest, and most funkiest active wear around! Post a snap of yourself in the studio, out and about with friends, or even at work with your winter active wear on, to our facebook or Instagram page. The winner will win 4 sessions of mat classes (private and/or group) to use at our studio! Simply post your snaps on our facebook or instagram page, with the hashtag (#PCTYActiveWearCompetition) for your chance to win! Entries close on Saturday 3rd August at 5pm and the winner will be drawn soon after, so please post as many as you like! We can't wait to see you all dressed in your coolest, brightest and most funkiest active wear!  

Pregnant? Just had a Baby? No problems! Pilates is Here to Help!

Pilates is the perfect low-impact pregnancy workout, since it boosts flexibility and balance and prevents back pain by strengthening your pelvic floor and core muscles, which support your spine. Pilates involve doing a series of controlled movements, mostly on an exercise mat and can be enjoyed throughout your pregnancy because the moves are very easy to modify around your belly or any pain you may have. While most Pilates moves are very gentle and safe, you still have to be careful not to overdo it. Here are a few important things to remember before you step into the studio. 

The ligaments around your joints are much looser now that you're pregnant (thanks to increased production of the hormone relaxing), which makes it easier to hurt yourself. So don't do any moves that feel uncomfortable or put pressure on your joints. Avoid moves that require lying on your back, since this can interrupt your baby's blood supply. The instructors can help you find a way to modify them. Since Pilates focuses so heavily on core strength, it is possible to over-strain your abdominal muscles and cause them to separate, a condition known as diastasis. So remember to take it easy. As your belly gets bigger, your balance may get thrown off. If this happens, be extra careful when working with a balance ball, if you use one, and when getting up and down during mat work. Your best bet is to take Pilates classes, which will accommodate your changing needs and physical limitations. These classes are your gentle stretch classes and mat classes which are available at our studio. 

About 4 - 8 weeks after you have had your baby, you can return to Pilates but there are a few things to consider before starting up again. Do not resume exercise until you've received clearance from your doctor or midwife to do so. This is important. By returning too soon you can do more damage than good. Check yourself for Diastasis Recti before beginning a postpartum exercise routine. Diastasis Recti is the separation of abdominal muscles along the linea alba (connective tissue that runs down the center of your belly). It's normal to have a small ab separation after pregnancy, but anything more than 2 fingers wide requires special care as you return to exercise.

Take it slow. There is no rush! In fact, pushing your body too hard too fast will likely set you back in the long run. Start with gentle routines, take breaks when you need to, and truly listen to your body. Pay attention to your pelvic floor. Pilates is great because almost all of the exercises strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor. A lot of moms have felt like any kind of cardio/running/jogging puts an uncomfortable amount of pressure on the lower extremities. Returning to cardio or running without also re-strengthening the muscles that supported your baby, placenta, etc. for months on end could cause long-term problems.

Mind your posture. It's natural and normal for your posture to change during pregnancy. It's part of the beautiful process that is required to support a 4kg human in your abdomen. Breastfeeding, bottle feeding and holding babies affects your posture as well. So be sure to incorporate exercises to strengthen the core and upper back. Of course, Pilates is great for this.

Winter Break for Pilates Comes To You

​Just to let all our clients know that the studio will be closed from 9th August to 18th August, as we are having a winter break away. So we will be back and energized to start again on Monday 19th August! I guess this does mean that our clients will get a bit of time off also, but that just means that we will be working harder when we return!!! So we all hope you enjoy your time off in August and we look forward to seeing you all back and ready to go, when we return!

Quote of the month - Every moment of our life, can be the beginning of great things

by Joseph Pilates

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