Group Reformer Classes are Up and Running! 

  • ​Group Reformer Classes are Up and Running!
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​We are already working our way into the new year, as its now March!

We are pleased to announce that we will be scheduling in Group Reformer Classes into our timetable this month! Due to the high demand of private reformer classes and now group reformer classes, we have decided to open them up this month. The Group Reformer Classes will run on Monday's at 2pm-2:45pm and 3pm-3:45pm, Tuesday's at 4pm-4:45pm and 5pm-5:45pm, and Thursday's at 4:30pm-5:15pm. All group reformer classes run for 45 minutes, as they are quite intense but are great for the body to build up strength and stability. The classes are available to book on our website as of Monday 11th March 2019. The catch is before booking in for a group reformer class, you must complete 4 x pre-assessment reformer classes to make sure that our clients can use the equipment correctly and safely.  We will keep track of your progress before moving you onto the group and private reformer classes. 

The use of a Reformer is to allow the body to exercise a full range of motion for arms and legs, while stabilizing the torso to allow for muscle isolation. The reformer not only allows the user to tense and tone muscles, but also stretches the muscles to their full natural extent. This technique builds very toned, but extremely lean body sculpting. There are many benefits to the Pilates Reformer in terms of the flexibility that it encourages. And because the Reformer allows the joints to use their full range of motion without stressing the body, it increases the blood flow to the joint tissues and helps to increase the ability of the joint to flex over time. Studies have found using the Pilates Reformer helps to relieve stored tension in the back, shoulders, hips and neck.

Suggestions Box 

​We have just recently put out a suggestion box, to see our client views and opinions on preferred classes and times to run them! We have had a few people put in their suggestions, but we would like to have a few more suggestions put in this month to help us schedule the timetables to suit everyone's needs and opinions. The suggestion form is available in our studio on our front counter and is also available on our website, in the blog section.
This is to help us plan out the timetables with weeks in advance to suit everyone's needs and opinions on when we should run the classes. Please fill in as many as you like, as we truly appreciate the feedback and will take all your opinions and views into account. 

Thank you all again for the positive feedback over the last month that we have been operating for. Let's make 2019 our year to get stronger within our bodies and have stability within our core!

Pilates Comes To You Products Now Available 

Pilates Comes To You has just brought out our new sports wear range! We have our own sports crop tops, singlets, t-shirts, polo shirts, 3/4 leggings, full leg leggings, jackets, and cooling towels. Our sports wear range is now available to purchase from the studio in Picton and online on our website! When purchasing the products online login on the booking page and the products are located in the store tab. Prices are as following;

Pilates Comes To You Crop Top - $18

Pilates Comes To You Singlet - $25

Pilates Comes To You T-Shirts - $30

Pilates Comes To You Polo Shirts - $35

Pilates Comes To You 3/4 Leggings - $29

Pilates Comes To You Full Leg Leggings - $35

Pilates Comes To You Jackets - $45

Pilates Comes To You Cooling Towel - $10

Quote of the Month - "Exercise is a celebration of what your body can do. Not a punishment for what you ate"

by Women's Health UK

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