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  • Mothers Day Gift Vouchers
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 Wow, i can't believe we are already slowly moving into winter! Its now May for goodness sake! How time fly's when your becoming stronger within your body, since the opening of Pilates Comes To You ;P

This month we have Mothers Day! And for our wonderful members and their mothers, we have decided to have gift vouchers, just in time for Mothers Day! If you purchase a $50 gift voucher from Pilates Comes To You, you or someone special in mind will receive 4 x group mat classes to use within 3 months of your purchase. That gives the purchaser a $10 savings on 4 x group mat classes to use up, for either yourself, your mother, or even your grandmother! Why not surprise your mum this Mothers Day with a gift she can't refuse. We encourage not just our clients, but others within the community to come down to our studio and purchase a gift voucher for their mum this Mothers Day. Don't miss out on this amazing deal and a great gift for mum this Mothers Day.

How Pilates Comes To You Came About? 

 Pilates Comes To You became established about 18 months ago, as a mobile business when Bev began teaching people in her own home and also at client's houses. But before then Bev's love of Pilates started 5 years prior, after she experienced her own personal life setbacks. She began to attend a clinical Physio/Pilates one and one weekly, after she underwent a Spinal Fusion 5 years ago which occurred from several horse falls, that had gone unnoticed for a few years prior to the surgery. She continued with her progression of Pilates through another horse accident about 2 years ago, where she broke her C6 (Neck) and also her scapula, two ribs and her wrist. It was through extensive Pilates training, that she managed to again get on her horse and live a normal life again. At the same time, she just started her studies to become a Pilates instructor. As her love and passion for Pilates was growing, she wanted to help her own body get stronger but also wanted to be able to teach others to do the same with theirs. Unfortunately by the time she graduated about a year to the day, she suffered another horse fall and managed a Gun Shot fracture to the L2 (spine) and also again broke her scapula in a different part and another rib. The long road to recovery began again with her Pilates being what grounded her to become stronger, but recently about 6 months ago she sustained a Fractured Pelvis from another horse fall, but she is back on track now riding and teaching Pilates stronger than ever!

Bev believes through her hurdles in her personal life, she has the ability to assist many clients whom attend her classes either at the studio or at clinics, to help with their needs to get them to become stronger and more stable within their bodies. She is truly committed to her clients whom attend her studio weekly/fortnightly or monthly, and wants to grow her business, and to become a leader within her industry and to support the Equine Industry for horse riders. The studio is a place to come, to strengthen and learn more about your body and to see for yourself just how powerful the human body can be.

Bev loves watching her clients come through the doors with an open mind and leave feeling fantastic, just makes her want to continue and do better. The success of the business has been huge, and we only started this business with one client 18 months ago. Today we have more than 125 members, since the opening of the studio in Picton in January 2019 and have worked in the studio with over 100 new clients and we continue to encourage new clients. We have provided a large sponsorship with the Wollondilly Women in Business Annual Event and now sponsor Camden Dressage and Equitation and will continue to support local community groups. We feel the local community provides us with so much support to enable us to provide our business and therefore feel we need to give back to the community.

Pilates Comes to You is driven by passion and dedication and Bev's determination definitely shows others that anything is possible!

Quote of the Month - STRENGTH doesn't come from what you can do. It comes from OVERCOMING the things you once thought you couldn't.

by The Curvy Road Runner

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