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 Spring is a time for shedding layers, sporting the latest bright fashions — and, of course, spring cleaning. That can apply not only to reorganizing your closet, but to tossing some unhealthy winter habits you may have fallen into, such as not exercising due to arctic temperatures. Don't be too hard on yourself — we all have moments of weakness. The key to getting in shape for spring (and staying that way) that is to keep it simple. It may be difficult to set a clear goal at a time we are constantly receiving conflicting messages: "Eat less carbs." "Eat all the carbs you want as long as you stay under your allotted calorie count." "Eat only meat." "Eat no meat." "Cook at home more." "Only eat raw food." "Do yoga, but don't overstretch." "Do cardio, but don't pound your joints." "Lift, but not heavy weights." There's a lot of information out there that can be helpful, but not every method works for every person. Instead of harbouring guilt for taking on too lofty a goal, try these simple tips; they can make a big difference.

Identify the "why"

Getting in shape does not always mean losing weight. Perhaps you just want to feel better about yourself, have more energy and know that you're doing something good for your body. If you identify why you want to get fit, it will help you power through a tough workout or give you the willpower to say "no thanks" to the bagels your co-worker brought to the office.

Find a way (or a few ways) to be active every day

If you find activities that you truly love, you will find joy in being active every day, even if it's just going for a walk in your favourite place. Eliminate the "I don't have time to work out today" excuse by embracing the short but effective exercise session. Anything you can do to get your body moving will put you in a better place mentally and is better than being completely stationary. 

Eat real, whole food

Forget counting carbs and calories; instead, focus on fuelling your body. If you are eating nutritious foods with as few ingredients as possible — fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, healthy and clean proteins — you're treating your body well.

Don't think of health as a punishment

Find physical activities and nutritious meals and snacks that feel like you're giving yourself a reward. This is exactly what your health should be — a gift, something that makes you feel healthy and happy.

Don't skimp on sleep

Easier said than done, I know. In our hectic, overscheduled lives, sleep often gets pushed to the back burner. But sufficient rest should be one of your top priorities. 


Drinking more water is one of the simplest ways to achieve a healthier you. Proper hydration aids digestion, refuels our bodies for upcoming workouts, boosts energy, nourishes the skin… the list of benefits goes on and on. Keep a water bottle at your workplace as a constant reminder to drink more H2O, or carry a water bottle with you. The weight of a heavy water bottle will remind you to do your best to empty it!

Enlist a buddy

Being vocal about your goals to get in shape can be a powerful motivator and may even inspire a friend or co-worker to join you. I like to schedule regular workout dates with a friend so I stay committed and feel accountable. Strength in numbers!

There is no "right" way to get in shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle; there is only what works for you. Realistic tweaks to your routine are the first step to a lasting habit. Don't overwhelm yourself by taking on too many ambitious goals at once; instead, stick to the basics. And remember: Being healthy should feel fun, and be something you look forward to every day.

Wollondilly Women In Business Annual Event Night

 Pilates Comes To You is an official member of the Wollondilly Women In Business Network (WWIBN) and we encourage other women within the community that are business owners, business employees, anyone who is interested in the friendship and fellowship offered by the group, to become a member. The network inspires, supports, and encourages other women within the community to "promote their business in a friendly and educational environment".

This year we were honoured to speak about our business and how it became, at the Annual Event Night. We thank all the volunteers that run the network and also thank you for allowing us to speak and inspire others to become stronger physically and mentally. We invited a few of our loyal members, that have been with us from the very beginning and we can clearly say it was an amazing night! 

  Pilates Morning Tea With Your Pooch

 At the beginning of this month we ran our doggy Pilates classes, to help raise awareness for animal cruelty, and money for the RSPCA. We had so much fun with the pooches and our members, defiantly on the cards to do again haha. Even though some of our members couldn't make it to our classes, they still watched it live on our Facebook page and also put money in towards the fundraiser as well!

We are so pleased with the result and we couldn't be more proud of the continuing support and kindness of others! We raised a total of $200 from the event! Thank you to everyone who donated! All the money donated went to the RSPCA, to help animals receive the care they need☺️????????????

And the RSPCA have notified us that our photos will go up on their website!

Good job everyone!

Quote of the Month - "Its never too late to start over, never too late to be happy"

by Jane Fonda

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