Welcome to the Suggestions Box! 

This is to see our client views and opinions on preferred classes and times to run them! For example, you might like to do a private reformer class/pre-assessment reformer class in the morning between the times of 7:00am and 10:00am on a Monday. Or you might like to do a group mat class or *group reformer class* in the afternoon/early evening between the times of 4:00pm and 7:00pm on a Wednesday. 

This is to help us plan out the timetables with weeks in advance to suit everyone's needs and opinions on when we should run the classes. Please fill in as many forms as you like, as we truly appreciate the feedback and will take all your opinions and views into account. 

Please highlight the preferred days, classes, and times you would like to participate in.​

​Private Mat
​Pre-Assessment Reformer
​Wednesday​Private Reformer​9:00am
​Thursday​Group Mat​10:00am
​Group Reformer​11:00am
​Group Gentle Stretch ​12:00pm

​If you have a different preferred time then what is given on the above table, please write the preferred day, class, and time in the bottom space below and we will see if we can accommodate for you. There is no need to fill out the space below, if you are happy with your selections from the table above as this is an anonymous form.

Some classes will be permanent and so will their time e.g. Wednesday 6:30pm - Group Mat Class


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​Please email us this form once it has been filled to

Thank you once again,

Bev Mckeown
Qualified Pilates Instructor 

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